Ladies, Cybersecurity Needs You!

We are facing a big problem in the cybersecurity industry today – only about 11% cybersecurity professionals are women! So, I’d like to pass this message to all women at the International Women’s Day: Ladies, Cybersecurity Needs You! In fact, I believe, for many cybersecurity jobs, women can perform better than men! Here is why:

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Philosophy of Cybersecurity Controls

“Do not click the links in your email!”, “Do not use free wifi!”, “Do not install any 3rd party software!”, “Do not upload data to the cloud!”, “Do not enable the remote access!”… how many times have you heard such warnings from your cybersecurity team? It feels like...

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What is Cybersecurity?

Today, I’d like to talk about a very basic question, “what is cybersecurity?” As a cybersecurity professional, I have been invited to many conferences, seminars, or meetups. I recall we had one meeting with universities and colleges to discuss how to design a...

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What is Your Dimension of Cyber Risk Strategy?

"What is your cyber risk strategy?", this is a common question asked by your board of directors and executives. People often answer it from the angles of risk assessment,  security governance, department budget, resource plan, or awareness training. While all of these...

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How to Apply Cybersecurity Framework to Love?

I know, I know, it is Valentine's Day again! To our CISOs, Security Consultants, Security Analysts, make sure to book a romantic dinner for your special one and get your fancy gift ready. Otherwise, your risk level of relationship will be too high! Speaking of love, I...

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Does Cybersecurity Slow Down Your Development and Innovation?

“Does cybersecurity slow down my job?” This question often triggered a series of arguments on roles/responsibilities, authorities, priorities etc. In the end, the business leader had to jump in and make a decision, which was usually a kind of compromise. But the conflict between innovation and cybersecurity seemed to be an unsolvable problem.

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Fast and Furious of IoT Security

“It’s zombie time”, a line said by the Cipher, a cold while beautiful hacking group leader in the newly released movie – Fast & Furious 8. Hackers effortlessly take controls of security cameras, mobile phones, cars, power plants, and even submarine. People around the world could do nothing to stop them. You may wonder, is it just a fictional story or something real?

Unfortunately, it well reflects the big challenge we are facing – the fast & furious of IoT Security!

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$1 billion worth of United Airline’s market value gone – what you can learn from its incident response

This incident started with the United Airline overloaded a flight from Chicago to Lousiville. So, they had to ask for volunteers to take a later plane. Because no one wanted to do so, the airline randomly selected 4 passengers. While one chosen passenger refused to leave, the security officers wrestled the man out of the seat and dragged him down the aisle…

Very soon, the videos captured from the scene and numerous emotional comments were flooding social media sites. United Airline CEO apologized for the overbooking and this incident on Monday. However, people from everywhere are still condemning the airline. As a result, the company lost about $1 billion worth of the market value on Tuesday.

So, as someone in the Cybersecurity field, what can you learn from this breaking news?

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